Getting everything packed up.

I am getting all of my stuff packed up and ready to go.  I need to filter out what  will need to get home from what I can live without seeing for three weeks.  There are a lot of things, like my rock hammer, that although I would normally not live without, the lack of mobility makes it really not a priority to have on me until I get healed up and able to go hiking again.

In the meantime I have to kill some time, get everything set, figure out where they want me to put the stuff that is going to end up in the trailer on its way back to Duluth.  There is a lot of figuring to do.

Alas, this is the adventure of the knee…

I am taking a train from Salt Lake City to Chicago on Friday (well 3am Saturday) heading towards Chicago. Overnight in Chicago, then off to St. Paul, quick walk to the capital and then on a bus back to Duluth.

Should be fun.

I have always wanted to take a train vacation now that I am an adult.  Maybe someday they will get the trains figured out so that there are not ridiculous layovers in certain cities.

This will all work itself out in the end though.

Or at least I hope so.

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