A tour around Park City

Well, downtown anyway.  A few places I went to, and a few things that were just kind of cool.

A look from the bench of the coffee shop looking across downtown.

They even have their own Banksy!

The top of downtown, looking to the West at the houses on the hillside.

The Egyptian Theatre, right next door to the Spur, which is a really chill country bar.

O’Shucks and the No Name bars.  O’ Shucks has a pool table, The No Name has a heated patio upstairs where you can drink and smoke.

Beware of bears.

Hmmm, Taste of Saigon?  This seems to be a different one.

There is a ski-lift that comes right out of downtown.

The Cabin, they have the cheapest PBRs that we have found in town so far, I think it was $3.25 for a 24 ounce can.

A look down Park Avenue, the main drag when you are not immediately in downtown.

This is Library Park, which is usually full of either dogs, college students, or dogs and college students.

This is the Chateau Apres, you can see the infamous turtle parked out front as it cannot get to the field area where everyone is working right now.  Next to that is Ed’s Subaru, which apparently has 325,000 miles on it!  Ed is, I think, the owner of the place, he is a pretty chill guy.
During the summers this place is the home to all of the field camp students, as it has been since the beginning…  During the ski season this place is run as a low-cost hostel for skiers that are not multi-millionaires.  Which as far as I can tell, is almost every other person in Park City.  So, Ski-bums that are not loaded, check out the Chateau!  It is no Hilton, but it also isn’t going to run you a few hundred dollars a night.

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