Went and looked at the volcanics today, and Park City is just silly.

Spent the day looking at volcanic andesites and dacites from the Keetly Formation today.  Compositions, different structures as a result of different methods of deposition, all the fun stuff.

It was also miserably hot out.  Thankfully it was a short day and got back to the Chateau and took a nap.  Then it started to storm, rain, thunder…  After the first blast of storms it cooled down, now it is actually comfortable out.

In other news, continuing the saga of arranging travel home.  Ironically the run from Park City to the Salt Lake City train station is costing me more money than the run from St. Paul to Duluth, which is about four times as far.

Have I ever told you I hate rich people?  Well, maybe hate is a strong word, but I do not need a limo, I will gladly ride in the back of a Ford Escort.

Back to the storms, there was a double and a half rainbow.  I took a picture (or ten) which are still on my camera which is upstairs.  I will post them later.

Almost everything is packed up, I just need to figure out where they want me to put the stuff that I am putting in the trailer to recover later when the rest of the group returns to Duluth.

I may have to run off tonight to go sing karaoke, it has been a while since I dusted off the pipes.

I was trying to see if I could meet up with someone in Chicago that I had not seen in a while.  Going to see if he wants to meet for lunch on Monday, if he is back in town.

While out in the field today I knew it had to be the day I did not bring my camera because we had a squirrel goofing around while we were eating lunch and an osprey nest right above our one study area.  Might have some decent pictures on my phone.  Of course it looks like my phone and the intertubes are not getting along.

Oh well, there will be more fun and adventures coming.

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