101 views of Library Park, Park City, Utah

I started out by taking lightning photos, of course this is Park City so there are invariably mountains in the way, and it looked like all of the fun stuff was going on closer to Heber anyway.  But eventually this digressed into just taking long exposure images as the sun went down, and the lightning failed.  Here are the results.

In other news the reservationist apparently does not comprehend te difference between 10 AM and 10 PM…  Yes, technically I was showered and ready to go, but why would I want to go hang out at a closed train station in Salt Lake City for 15 hours?

In more other news I determined how to attach my tripod to my backpack, which means I should be able to do some long exposure madness in Chicago when I get there, or maybe from the window of a train.  I am thinking that the next couple of blogs should be pretty interesting.

Oh well here are some pictures.

This is the only shot I got that actually showed a ground stroke.  They seem not to have the most energetic thunderstorms in the valleys between the mountains.  Guessing they get all of the energy sapped out of them trying to get over the Wasatch.

This is the library, guessing they do not have an orangutan for a librarian.  Either way they are currently remodeling the place which results on the lights being on at all hours.

Looking to the North along Norfolk, just some cool cloud forms rolling off in the distance.

This is looking roughly East towards Heber.  There was the occasional flash of light in the distance, mostly I was just looking at the way that the details actually showed up, because it was realy dark by this time.

Decided to crank up the exposure and take a shot looking to the South past the library.  We were trying to decide what that faint red in the sky was, still not sure.  I will see if there were any lightning sparked fires, or maybe the glow of Old Downtown off of some mist.
I checked the Park City fire page and they did not list anything, guessing it was just city lights.

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