Bullshit buster, UFO over Brazil!

I see a lot of things posted to Facebook that make me cringe.  Chemtrails, Atlantis, Vaccines causing autism…  The list goes on and on.  Well, here is my response to the annoying post of the day…


Of course I see this and I yell Bullshit!   I even watched the video, looks like a filament in a lightbulb, out of focus, and taken with a camera with a lot of shake, in a dark room.

For instance, why are there no other stars?

Why is there no atmospheric interference (This is Brazil right?  You know, the home of infinite humidity), just the camera shake (note, no twinkling)…

Ok, then there was a crop circle that happened to go along with it.

Only one problem, the crop circle appeared first, and was reported by someone who has been discredited as a hoax.

Here is the “crop circle”…


Here is his previous video evidence being exposed as a hoax…


Crop circles started becoming popular after 1978 when two British guys started spreading tham all over Jolly Ol’ England.  Later they admitted that they were all a hoax and explained how to make them for yourself.  After they explained how it was done many more elaborate and creative crop circles started showing up all over the place.

Here is my favorite.


So in conclusion.  UFOs are bullshit.  Frankly until we figure out how not to destroy the planet who is going to be stupid enough to come visit?
Crop Circles are the products of man…
Therefore a odd coincidence that a crop circle and a UFO hoax happen to show roughly the same pattern is a bunch of crap.  Maybe I should start making some nice fraudulent UFO videos just to get the web traffic.  Should be interesting, maybe I can even use some better techniques than these guys are using.

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