Night time photo walk in Chicago…

I had a camera, and I had time to kill.  I decided since I was in a better patrolled part of the city it would be nice to wander around for a bit and take some pictures.  I admit that although I am not that fond of Chicago, they do have some nice scenery…

The hotel I stayed at, Club Quarters, which was actually a pretty comfortable place, I recommend, was right next to this intersection.

Not sure why they decided on purple…

I have always been a fan of the signs painted on the sides of buildings…

No tigers but on this trip I have had bronze bears, and now lions..

Millennium park fountains.

I like old buildings.

Although newer buildings can be cool sometimes too.

The John Hancock tower looks really short when you see it from the distance…

I have never been a fan of using the flash when you can just take a longer exposure.

This is the bean…  Always photogenic.

I do like the skyline in the distortion…

The scaling makes everything look weird…

The Art Museum…

This sculpture was on the cover of a book I had as a child, never knew where it was.

In the background you can see the Sears Tower (now Willis tower).  The thought I had this morning when I was thinking about putting all of these blogs together was that a lot of the hikes we took at field camp would be like going to the top of that, and back down.  Taking the stairs..

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