Rolling through Colorado…

As I had mentioned before I made it to Chicago.  Now I am catching up on all the things that I could have been doing for the last day and a half if Amtrak had wifi…  Grrrr….

I will paste in some ranting from he train ride…

It looks like there are some storms rolling across Colorado.  Also it looks like anything on the East side of this town is a shithole.  I tried to take a couple of photos, hopefully some of them come out.
I can still see mountains in the distance as we are leaving Denver.  For the first time all day the train is actually up to full speed.  Considering that we spent most of the day loping around at about 30 miles per hour, you have no idea how good that feels.  For the first time all day the traffic on the freeway is not breezing past us.
All day I have been having flashbacks to the movie “Throw Momma from the Train.”  It was a pretty lousy movie, but funny in its own right.  I was looking at what it would take to actually throw momma from the train.  Does not look like it would be that hard, although I am pretty sure that the breeze would alert the other passengers that something was going on.
The other thing that I am looking at as we leave Denver is that there are ominous looking clouds off to the East.  Theoretically since we are now actually moving at around sixty miles per hour, and at a constant pace, we should be able to catch these storms as we glide along across Colorado, and eventually into Nebraska.
The other aspect of the train moving at a greater velocity is that the ride is a lot more bouncy.  It is fun t watch people as they stumble along the aisles like a bunch of drunken soldiers.
I am starting to think that the rails in this part of the journey are not as well maintained as they are in other stretches, it would be nice to have a g-meter to see what the horizontal and vertical forces on the train actually are as we travel along.
The sun is going down for real now.  Looking out my left side window I can see the clouds darkening and the orange glow receding.  This is the one advantage of taking the train over taking an airplane.  The windows are actually big enough to see out of.
 May have to run off to the dining car to get a bag of chips to have something nice and dry in my belly for the evening.  They just called ten minutes, so I guess I have to do that now.
I got a bag of Doritos and a pair of Heinekens.  The light that sits over my seat has a nasty habit of flashing  every time that we hit a bump so I decided that it would be easier to just use shore power and turn the brightness on the screen up.  The white light shining on the keyboard lights it up pretty well.
Looking out the window I have yet to see a single flash of lightning.  I have been really hoping that we would have some light shows tonight.  I noticed that I sleep really well when it rains before, I am not sure if the semi-hermetically sealed nature of the train would filter that out or not, but the possibility exists that it will work out all the same.
I was joking with the food guy that I should have brought a flask.  He agreed.
Ok, so here are my suggestions for people who are traveling on trains.
Bring snacks.  I know they say that you are not supposed to but there is such a convenience surcharge that it is worth it to bring your own snacks.  The second thing that you should bring, especially if you are doing an overnight train ride, I should mention that I am on night two, is a flask.  Maybe one flask per night would be good.
It has now rolled past nine PM and other than the faint glow of the sun in the west it is most definitely night time when I look east.  We are still in Mountain Time zone so I am an hour behind home. 
Amazingly I once again have a whole seat to myself.  This is a momentous thing!  They were warning us that he coach class seats were going to be filling up, apparently I made the right choice by getting a reserved coach class seat.  On long trips it is definitely worth the extra couple of bucks.  If I were a rich man I may go for the sleeper.  But that just seems like overkill.
Amtrak really needs to do something about this wifi.  I feel naked without my interwebs.  I would almost rather have wifi than running water.
The nice thing is that the grade crossings are the roughest part of the travel, however before every time we hit one the horn blows a warning to passing cars.  We are getting towards quiet time, which, suppose means that I have to stop writing.  On another note, Calibri font is the official font of bad kerning.
Waking up the next morning in Omaha, Nebraska.  For the first time in a month I am at a lower elevation and also in the Central Time Zone!  Almost feels a little normal.
In other news, the train is once again running behind.  In my mind this proves that Obama is not a Fascist, because if he was a Fascist he would be able to make the trains run on time.
Looking forward to getting back somewhere with Interwebs.  I have a lot of publishing to do.
Looks like we are going to be about three hours late getting into Chicago.  This does mean that I will be spending less time in Chicago, which is nice, but this also means that I am going to have less time t go around and find a few things that I have been looking for, such as a charger for my phone.
We are up in the mountains!

Rolling along the path of the Colorado River

The stratigraphy is amazingly flat…

It was a scenic, although slow transverse of Colorado.

With a lot of river to look at.

The weather looked like it was going to open up, never did though.

The river was flowing well…

And the trees, with the exception of that one, looked pretty healthy.

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