A quick trip to Canada with my sister and nephews…

My sister called, asked if I wanted to go camping.  It sounded like a great idea!  So we went, myself, her, and her two kids.  We went up to the Sleeping Giant across the bay from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and then wandered around a bit around the Amethyst mines and Ouimet Canyon.

I took pictures…

The water was very cold at Grand Portage, I would not recommend swimming!
Grand Portage has a cool little trading camp

The islands off of Silver Islet, the namesake is actually hidden behind the island on the left.

The nephews skipping rocks

The store at the end of the Sleeping Giant

The sea lion at the Sleeping Giant

Another view of the Sea Lion

A little garter snake on the beach.

The snake found a dead frog which he decided would be a good snack.

Amazingly he managed to swallow the thing!

We went looking for Amethyst, I happened across some nice sulfide veins in the rocks.

The arch bridge over the small part of Ouimet Canyon

The “Stone Indian” 

A look down Ouimet Canyon

There was a bird (just left and down from center) flying on the other side of the canyon, may have been a Peregrine Falcon…

Another look across the canyon.

Looking out of the canyon into Black Bay on the North end of Lake Superior.

The view from the swinging bridge.

The other side of the swinging bridge.

Cascade falls, a quick shot…

Cascade falls, a longer exposure…

I tipped the camera so that I could get both sets of falls.

Pretty, and likely poisonous, mushroom…

Another set of falls at Cascade.

Another longer exposure, I didn’t have the tripod so these were a challenge.

Lake Superior near Cascade State Park.

Looking South West at Lake Superior, the lake was amazingly calm…

Interesting mineralized chunk of rock on the shore at cascade, lots of green to contrast with the grey blue that made up the rest of the basalt.

The sun was down, it was pitch black, this is a 106 second exposure at iso 400, and F3.5…
Have I mentioned I love my camera?

These are the falls at night, 39 seconds, f4, ISO 400, I lit the falls up with my headlamp…

Stacking rocks at Sugarloaf Cove

Another view…

Parting shot….
I may have to paint this one…

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