The car review no one wants to read.

I bought a Ford Focus from my aunt.  I am not a huge fan of Fords, but it was cheap, and I needed a car.

After a while there were a few things that started to bug the ell out of me about this car.  Largely dealing with the engineering (or lack thereof).

Let us start.

The 2001 Ford Focus is….  Well….  If all of the cars in the lot were an away team the Focus would be wearing the red shirt.

This car has issues….

Lets start with the trim.  The body panels are fit is such a way that they rub instead of just closing tightly, the end result is that the paint wears off the edges of the body panels and the car rusts out.  Nice job Ford, you have designed the car to disintegrate even when taken care of.

This car comes with power steering, which is completely unnecessary in a car that only weighs 2500 pounds.  Just put a correctly geared steering in the car and you can get better gas mileage, and still be able to park easily.  Also, you don’t lose steering control when the engine stalls!

Now lets talk about the engine.  Ford decided that for the USA the only engine that would work was the 2.0 liter, DOHC Zetec something blah blah blah…

This car does not need 128 horsepower.

This car does not need 100 horsepower.

Shit, 90 is pushing it….

If the car would have come with the 1.4 liter engine (which I think mounts up to the same transmission) it would be good for in excess of 40 mpg in town!  This is compared to the 27 that I get now.  And this is a tiny Fucking car!

Now lets talk about the tuning of that engine.

Why do I need an engine where the torque and horsepower peak are at 5500 rpm?  I am never going to see 5500 rpm out of that engine.  In general usage I barely break 2500 rpm, maybe 3000-3500 on the freeway.  Most of the time when I am driving the engine is actually humming along at about 1500 rpm.

Having an engine designed with its max power at a speed where it is not functional only gives the engineers something to brag about, it does nothing for the day-to-day performance of the car.  And lets look at this realistically, I am not going to take the car to a fucking autocross track.  If I wanted to go race autocross track I would have bought something that is designed for autocross, not something that is designed to go to the grocery store, and is just grossly overpowered and tuned wrong for that purpose.

Next, 16 inch rims.

Why?  You do not need 16 inch rims with wide tires on a 2500 pound car.  You are actually making things more unsafe for me now, as with the low weight, and greater surface area on the bottoms of the tires it will be even easier to hydroplane.  Not to mention that with the forward nature of the weight distribution the rear end would spin around and I would go tumbling to my death.

Apparently this car is capable of going something like 134 MPH.  Why?  At 134 MPH this would be the equivalence of driving a mosquito into the windshield of a semi.  And it does not mater what you hit.  Damn the airbag, your still going to die.  This car should not be capable of exceeding 90 MPH at the most.  First, it unnecessary, second, its grossly unsafe.  Third, see rule one.

I have a car in the garage that is capable of going that fast.  It also has 6 feet of steel reinforced hood.  A friend of mine had a car of the same year and model as mine who has a Ford f-250 total itself on the passenger door.  It pushed the door frame in 6 inches, which even with a porta-power we were unable to push back out.  The Ford Focus frame is barely capable of supporting the weight of the car.  It is certainly not designed to go cruising down the highway at a speed that should be reserved for cars made by people with German accents.

In closing, the Ford Focus is almost all options, no car.  It could be good but Ford seems to have a insecurity about their penile size or something, and thinks that everyone else does too.

I have decided to name the car the Ficus, because in my opinion it is a potted plant.  Designed to last a while, and then eventually be dumped in the yard because it dies.


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