Ferguson, a few thoughts

Ferguson,  Missouri.  What a shit show.
I have been seeing the reports on the news and also the emotionally charged reports on social media.  The biggest thought that I have on this is that it just goes to show that common sense isn’t common.
I would say that it is a comedy of errors if it were the least bit funny, Greek tragedy seems more apt.
I am going to walk you through a series of events, that although they are completely a narrative that exists wholly in my head and may or may not have any connection to reality,  possibly may have snippets that connect to reality in a way that might change your thoughts on a few aspects.  This may also open up the flame gates to the troll army, you never know with people these days.
Michael Brown is walking down the middle of a street.
Ok, why are you walking down the middle of a street? Streets are for cars, sidewalks are for walking. This already starts to make me ponder the mental state of the victim at the time of the incident.
In the aftermath of the incident a security video surfaced showing the victim stealing cigars from a convenience store. This also starts to make me question the mental state of the victim at the time of the incident.
So now we have a person in a questionable state of mind walking down the middle of the street. A police officer rolls up and confronts the individual.
I am not sure how the police officer approached the incident,  I am guessing that considering the outcome the officer came out with an accusatory manner and did not try to determine the nature of the situation before his ego got the best of him.
There is a confrontation and the officer draws his gun and shoots Michael Brown.
Now an officer involved shooting itself does not inherently make this much of a story, but after Michael Brown is already not confronting the officer the officer continues to discharge his weapon at the victim.
Now we have a problem.
However, despite all the nasty shit that has happened it is about to get much worse.
So the next step in the process is to start writing the heart-string pulling headlines,  coat every Facebook wall and Twitter feed with the most terrifying language of anti-police state propaganda you can write.  Most of all remember that no one fact checks a meme.
Now the name Michael Brown is on everyone’s lips and the time is ripe, not for looking deep into the problem or trying to figure out where the riot of the problem is, the time is ripe to take all the memes and slanted internet reporting and whip people who lack critical thinking skills into a frenzy.
So now the media swarms, at the same time the public swarms. The public that swarms is mostly people who are there to do legitimate protest with legitimate beliefs and legitimate feelings. How ever there is also the group that is only there for one reason, to cause problems.
People transported themselves in with a fuck the police attitude and an intent to create problems.  The figured that the police had started a volatile situation and the time was ripe to double down.
The response from the police was no better at first.  Eventually it started to turn around as the rioters found that they were quickly being marked as the enemy, and the initial police force was replaced by a police force that had more training and better organization.   
So now we have calm.  But the problem that started the whole issue still exists.
If you are the police the black man is the enemy.
If you are the black man the police is the enemy.
This will pop back up again. 

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