I got rid of my cell phone….

OK, here is the deal.  I have been noticing that when I go out you see people all over the place that spend their time with their faces buried into their phones.  What the fuck is so interesting that you have to look at it RIGHT FUCKING NOW instead of waiting until you get home and have nothing better to do than look at cat pictures on the internet.

As it turns out here are a few things that I have noticed since I disconnected my service and ditched my cell phone.

I talk to people more.

If I don’t know an answer I figure it out instead of looking it up.

I listen to the band in the bar.

I don’t worry about if someone is trying to send me a message, call me, whatever the fuck.

As a result I end up having more interesting conversations with the people I am with AT THAT TIME.

So here it is.  I ditched my phone and I am not missing it at all.  I have a home phone, I have the internet (until I decide to go completely nuts and cut way back on that as well).

Send me a letter.  Leave me a note, I am usually pretty predictable.

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