Windows 10 preview

I hope this gets faster than it has been so far….

OK, I am rather critical of everything Microsoft, but I am going to give this a try, I am installing Windows 10 technical preview.  Now mostly I am installing this to see what it takes to break it, and what needs to be done to get around some of the many annoyances that Windows comes with.  But…  Some people may find this interesting.  Right now it is still going through the process of seeing what the hell it needs to install, considering that I am running a laptop that was specifically designed to suck balls on Windows 8 it shouldn’t need much.

Of course, it is Windows.

Update 1:

We are still stuck at the “Making Sure you’re ready it Install” screen….

Ok, 30 minutes at that screen later I killed the task….  Maybe I have to try this from outside of Windows to make it work, wonder if the disk is bootable.

Ok, another half hour of watching the windows with its rotating dingleballs….  Time to see if this is a bootable disk.  I created a partition for it to install too….


Update 2:

I booted from the DVD and got it installed, as it the new windows norm once it is installed you ahve the permissions you need to go online and look at cat pictures.

These are the only permissions you have.

Do not ask for any more than this.

This is not acceptable, so I have now booted back into Windows 8 as you do not have permissions to do anything from Windows 10, which actually took running msconfig and changing the boot settings because as is the new Windows default it tries to take over every aspect of your life….  But now I am changing all file permissions and ownership so that I can fix a few things and try to make it acceptable.

Remember when computers were designed so we could get more done?

Update 3:


I tried to log in, I had a black screen….

I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del, I got this…

That is all….  Hmmm, I am going to do some messing around and then try again, but it should at least try to boot, or maybe give me an error message?

Update 4:

Ok, the only way to send feedback is through the Windows Insider App….

How do I get there when the f’n thing wont even boot?

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