Ides of March, Pizza Luce, Dead Milkmen

It is kind of unfortunate that when I am putting this blog together it forces me to do excessive formatting to have the images inline with the text.  That would be awesome, sadly it is not to happen.
This is from a show, yep, Ides of March at Pizza Luce. 
It was cool, this was the first band doing a Dead Milkmen set. 
I am sure I could talk about all of the images, individually, but what fun would that be.
You would only bother to read the text around the images that you are interested in. 
Instead I am going to tell you a story, quite likely about nothing. 
There may be some philosophy, or at least something philosophical. 
There may also be ponies.   
I am making this up as I go along, because I noticed long ago. 
No one actually reads the story. 
They just look at the pictures. 
And hope what ever the pictures are of is what is on the test. 
Sad to report there isn’t a test that you have to take after viewing these pictures. 
Maybe a STD test, but you didn’t get it from me.
I can get you coffee, and I can tell you about rocks. 
But as for sexually transmitted diseases I can’t help you. 
Not out of lack of trying, just not something I have available to me right now. 
Given a little bit of time and effort I am sure I could find you something. 
But that is not something that I plan on ever attending to. 
I am more of a cuddler anyway. 
Sexual relationships are messy, confusing, and require doing more laundry. 
Next thing you know you start having to buying people dinner. 
Not like cudding could not also lead to buying people dinner. 
But theoretically the expectations would be lower. 
Of course, how the fuck would I know, I am so socially awkward that the point is generally moot. 
Speaking of tangents, since we are on one. 
Never mind, I was going to toss in a math joke, but the moment is gone. 
I am curious about the normal world sometimes. 
It seems to be a huge pile of dysfunction. 
Doesn’t help that I have the verbal communication skills of a cuttlefish. 
Or maybe some other member of the cephalopod  family.
What is the actual meaning of cephalopod? 
I would think it means thinking critter…. 
Nope, “head-feet” fucking Greeks. 
 Enough about the cuttlefish, although they are kind of cute.
I am guessing they would make interesting pets. 
Communication, it is a special dysfunction. 
I think about 94% of the communication that people do is about nothing. 
Makes me wonder if someday human communication is going to devolve. 
Into grunts, cries, and keywords like “chicken” and “defenestration”. 
Speaking of which, don’t defenestrate your chicken. 
It is messy, and the chicken doesn’t like it. 
Juxtaposition, that is a cool word. 
Two things seen together with contrasting effect. 
Things like “I want to cuddle the fuck out of you”. 
Cuddle and fuck are two different ends of the spectrum. 
They don’t really belong in the same statement. 
Meh, just what is on my mind at the time I guess. 
Of course my mind is often a juxtapostion of several realities. 
Ugh, and I think I need to take a shower. 
I have been screwing around with photographs all day. 
And I still have not gotten through Saturday night. 
People that really like these photos should buy me a beer or something. 
It actually is a bit of work to get all of these photos processed and put together, even if I am only doing very basic processing. 
There are a lot of them, it takes quite a bit of time. 
I will be lucky to have Saturday up before next weekend. 
Thankfully with my plans for next weekend I do not think I will be taking any photographs. 
It is the curse of being a skating referee, you don’t get to take the pretty pictures. 
Although, you are more likely to end up in the pretty pictures than you would be shooting at shows. 
Although, oddly, I did end up in several shots this weekend. 
Which was kind of cool. 
It is not something that happens all of the time. 
If it were not for roller derby there would be very few pictures of me out there. 
I would be able to disappear into the mists and be gone. 
Recreate myself, maybe have enough time to fins someone as strange as myself. 
Who am I kidding, that person doesn’t exist. 
Doesn’t matter, I still have my camera. 
Although I am wondering how long before I wear this one out and have to get another. 
I like the 60D, it is rather fun. 
The new lenses kind of suck balls. 
But the old lenses, like what I shot this with, rock! 
Ok, enough for now, next album soon.

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