Ides of March, Garbage set, Pizza Luce, 2015

Yet another show from the Ides of March shows at Pizza Luce and elsewhere, yet another disconnected story that has nothing to do with the pictures….

 It is called casual domain sheer, you will not notice it in everyday life, but if you are separate long enough and you carefully log things, you may notice that a few things have, changed.

 It might be something subtle, like that friend you had before that you thought you were so close with is not as close as you thought they were.

 Or it could be something drastic, like the building that you thought was across the street when you seperated from the world is not there when you come back.

 Not that it has been torn down, the building never was, the world you are walking back into is different from the world that you left.

 Perhaps I need to take a step back for you to understand this for yourself.

 The universe that we live in can be thought of as the result of every decision that has ever happened before.

 So if you change those decisions, you change the resulting world.

 Much like Schroedinger’s cat in the box, until he opens the box he does not know if the cat is alive or dead.

 Therefore, until you actually look and verify the status of the cat, the cat is both alive and not alive, living in a state of super-position, up until the status of the cat is verified.

 This may sound stupid, but it actually makes a lot of things in physics a lot easier to think of materials not having to take a specific path from point A to point B.

 It has even been shown by experiment that as a subatomic particle travels from point A to point B it does not take a specific path in the process.

 It takes all the paths in the process, some of them may be very unlikely, and the more likely a path is, the more likely that it had been traveled, but all of the possible paths have been crossed.

 This is showing that some portions of the universe are behaving in very different ways that what we expect.

 It would be like in a baseball game where the pitcher releases the ball and it both gets hit and not gets hit at the same time.

 In the case of casual domain sheer you are making yourself the cat, and while you are hiding yourself away you are both alive and not alive for an extended period of time.

 At the same time, the outside world is both existent and non-existent at the same time, both moving independently and without observation from the other side.

 The shear comes in when you slip a little bit, off of the world track that you were on when you hide yourself away, and on to a slightly different parallel world track.

 The fun thing being that you slipped on to a parallel world track that branched from the world track you were on before you put yourself away.

 That is, you were on one track, slipped off, and ended up on another track, a separate one where things are slightly different.

 Or possibly drastically different, than the one you were on before.

 Maybe you put yourself in the “box” tonight and pop out in 10 years and when you come out you on a track where Al Gore won the election.

 The entire world is different, the air is cleaner, environmentalism is at an all time high!

 And terrorists detonated an atomic bomb in downtown Manhattan.

 How much of a mind fuck would that be?  How would you react?  Who would believe you when you told the story?

 And that is casual domain shear, it will be popping back up again, among other themes, in future photo album tirades.

 I don’t want to talk about love lost, never had, screwed up, turned around, flipped over, and wrapped in a burrito.

 I want to write some strange short-form science fiction.

 I want to see who notices the words between the pictures.

 And even worse, I want to see if the world that I come back into when I venture out again.

Is going to be the same one I stepped away from, or just slightly different.

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