Pizza Luce, Ides of March, Saturday

First band, I forgot who they were covering, just took a few pics and then walked down the street.
However, once again I am not talking about the pictures, completely unconnected story, just a short one this time.

 It was an odd day, and I have no idea why there was so much lumber floating in the lake.  I really wanted to go out and build a big fort with all of those timbers.

 If it were not for all the damn alligators.  Or are they crocodiles.  I have no idea.

 Alligators or crocodiles, the difference is irrelevant when you are looing to build a fort out of the timbers floating off of Park Point.

 But which ever one of them it is it makes going to the beach less fun.

I guess you could build a fort to protect yourself from the alligators and the crocodiles, might work, see if that pops up if I have that dream again.

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