Gradual unzipping of the fault in the Nepal Earthquake

I was noticing a trend of a gradual unzipping of the fault in the 4/25 Nepal earthquake.  It seemed that there was a trend for the aftershocks, and some of the further quakes to be gradually migrating to the east over time.  I could attribute this to stress loading along the still unbroken fault as stress relieved in one area is redistributed to surrounding areas of the fault.  I prepared a really basic Excel graph, and will be keeping an eye on this, and possibly also doing more looking into this as time goes by.

But anyway, here is the graph.

As you can see there is a gradual migration in the data points from the point of the initial event at 84.7 towards the east, with many of the aftershocks clustering around 85.7.  It should be noted that the major aftershocks occurred at Time 6.75 and Time 31.15.  These also have migrated from 84.8 to 86.0.

Of the two events at longitudes east of 87 the first of them seems to be back from the fault, although it is lose enough that it is likely related, the second occurred right along the trend of the same fault system and we will have to watch in upcoming days as to if there is a trend migrating in that direction.


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