Bought a sailboat, now just need to get it ready.

A wise man once said, a boat is a hole in the water into which one throws money.

Well, thankfully I have so many odd saved spare parts, bits, collections, nautical schist, etc. floating around that I can outfit half a fleet without batting an eye.  But the adventure in boat ownership is starting!  I just bought a Finn Olympic sailboat (14′ long, cat rig).

I still haven’t decided on a name, I posted a facebook plea for help on that, and the notification sounds going off in the background tell me that something is happening on that front.

I was had a few thoughts, but I want something geeky cool.

Feral something….

Misconduct something…

Something catchy with waves…

Bad geology terminology having to do with waveforms…

Anyway, the rigging on the boat is about as confusing as could possibly be, still not sure how all of these pulleys and shit are supposed to work together.  There seems to be some kind of control whereby you can control the twist of the mast, haven’t decided how that is supposed to function in real life.  But before it ever touches the water in needs a few things.

I am in the process of refinishing the mast.  The varnish had a few major bare spots and the wood was starting to gray so I sanded it down, removing all of the old varnish, and the shitty fiberglass jobs where they had tried to protect the bearing surfaces.  I am going to cover the bottom portion with a chunk of brass tube that I happen to having lying around (because everyone happens to have a ten foot section of 4″ brass tubing lying around)  For the upper section I think I am just going to wrap it in either copper or stainless, depending on what I find I have access to the most conveniently shaped piece of.

Either way the mast is getting about 4 coats of varnish and it is already looking far healthier.

I am going to take the cabin floor out and refinish that as well, also go through a replace every non-stainless screw that I find.

The rudder is this steel monstrosity that is just too much for the boat so I am going to go out and find a nice piece of plate aluminum to make a new one.

There is no tie down for a painter on the front so I am going to see if I can’t do something about that, depends on if I can get the front deck popped up enough to get in there with a wrench.

 This is where the name goes, the suggestions so far include:
“The C word”
“Porpoise Splitter”
“Not so Jolly Roger”
“USS Enterprise”
“USS Excaliber”
“Astral Queen”
“Moistened Bint” or “Watery Tart”

 This is the montrosity of a rudder, the biggest issue I have is that it does not have a break-a-way, so if you hit a rock hard it would tear the mounts right out of the back of the boat.

The mast with varnish drying, it will be a week before I am done with this one part and have it ready for prime time.

Anyway, I still have a lot of work to do and it will be a while before the weather starts cooperating enough to allow me to venture out onto the waters anyway.  But there are Go-Pro adventure times coming!

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