For fucks sake, could Windows be less user friendly?

I have Windows 8.  As installed it is the clunkiest, most useless operating system in the history of mankind.  Trust me, I would rather run Win 98 SE on my laptop than Windows 8.

Unfortunately, backwards compatability in not something in the Microsoft dictionary.

The first thing that you have to do to make Windows 8 remotely usable is to canniblize it.

For fucks sake, I should not have top spend the first six hours I have a computer resetting every file permission that was set just to get rid of the adware.

Not to mention, fastest booting Windows?  My ass, I had Windows 98 SE on a AMD K-6 233 booting in five seconds.  Windows 8 can under ideal conditions come out of hibernation in about three times as much time, but booting cold takes a year.

Oh yeah, and you have to boot cold if you want to recover from memory errors (they don’t tell you that gem).

Anyone else notice that My Computer is gone?  It is now Computer.


Now lets get technical.  Microsoft decided that it should force everyone over to the NTFS filesystem so that it could prevent users from having file issues, by basically making it impossible for them to change anything.  The problem with that is that viruses have no issues making changes, and you just made it impossible for us to fix the damage you short sighted ass-clowns.

PS, my Win8 machine is still trying to boot.

It has been the entire time I have been writing this.

The metro-sexual desktop is, nope, not going to say, but it should be killed with fire.

Who seriously thought that turning my computer into a smart phone was a good idea?  Do you have any idea what I do to my smart phones?

I have found that the most useful windows application is an Ubuntu live disk.  You at least have some hope of making your computer work close to right.
Speaking of which, the laptop just rebooted for no apparent reason.
This is a fresh install.
Lets try what uis on partition #2…
Nope, rebooted for no apparent reason.
At least it gave me an error on the reboot
And people are excited about Windows 10?
Are you shitting me?
Just rebooted again…
Still not making any progress.
I think I may have to fresh install again just to get the fucking thing to work for ten minutes, hold on, I just got to a log in screen, almost…
 It booted, apparently to a messed up installation that I had copied to a different folder previosly, I have no fucking idea…
 Anyway, I am going to run a bunch of Takeown commands and fix these fucking file permissions issues, oh, and delete a bunch of shit…

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