Windows 10, not even good enough to look at cat pictures.

July 27th? 2015, or whatever day it was released.

The day the Internet died.

I am very happy to see that before they could even release a their first virus patch someone had written a properly horrific piece of ransomware to attack Windows 10.

Windows 10, the worst Windows ever!

Ok, I will usually give a new OS a little bit of a shot.

XP was great, Vista was a train wreck.

I did not particularily like Windows 7, but at least it was somewhat stable.

Windows 8 took an exorcism in order to be moderately useful, and at that point it would lose its registration and be unable to recover.

Windows 10 is a clusterfuck.

I was hoping to find a more powerful world than clusterfuck.

Not good enough to surf cat pictures.

The killer of the Internet.

More unstable than an illegal alien Mexican stripper addicted to herion.

More memory leaks than an altzheimers patient.

Slower than Congress.

More redundency than New NT technology….

Shakier than Nick Nolte trying to quit drinking.

Calling Windows 10 retarded is an insult to retards.

More bloated than a TLC reality show.

Less intelligent than a Kansas school board.

More prone to infection than a bleeding ulcer on a ladyboy hookers rectum in Thialand.

Uglier GUI than cleaning up after a bukkake shoot….

     On a side not:  I am just going to keep adding on this list, suggestions are welcome.

More annoying pop ups than a nursing home with Viagra in its water supply.

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