Goodbye Facebook

So long Facebook.
I am tired of having to fight with yu over privacy concerns.  I am tired of having to fight over copyright concerns.  I am tired of you being an open window into my life whether I want you there or not.
At first you were kind of like another friend, you allowed me to see what people were saying and the conversations were often somewhat intelligent.  At the time you were also aiming at college students, and as a result the conversations often were truly more intelligent.
Then you opened up to everyone and the monster took over.
The timeline started to be a constant stream of memes being replied to with more memes.
The collective attention span of society started to drop like a stone.
The 140 character limit of Twitter started to make more sense as the collective attention span of Facebook turned into Lol, here is my cat.
I like cats, I hate cat pictures.
Soon people discovered that through Facebook you could also spew vitriol, and here is where the darkside truly took over.
Your top friends (based upon an algorythym), make a post.  These are your top friends based upon views, so the fact that they are your top friends could very well be based upon the fact that they are the only ones left on your timeline.  This is because the “top stories” on your timeline is based not upon when the story was posted but if it is trending.  A story will come across as trending if it is either really popular, or because the person who posted it has a shit load of friends, it has gotten a lot of exposure.
The only way to get a post to get exposure is to have a shit load of friends, when you have a shit load of friends then you can be advertised to en-mass and considered to be one group.
We are no longer people, we are datapoint in an algorythym.
Free yourself.
The other day there were 1 billion people on Facebook at one time.
Those one billion people could have ben having a conversation with someone face to face instead.
Maybe if 1 billion people would talk instead of posting cat pictures we could fix something in this world.
Kill the monster.
Kill Facebook.
Talk to people.
Give people hugs (when the situation is appropriate, running around hugging strangers could get you arested or worse).
That is all.

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