The sailboat has been in the water!

Earlier this year I bought a Finn Olympic 14 sailboat.  I had to go through a lot of work to get it ready for being on the water and that took about a month and a half to complete.  I had to refinish the mast, refinish the floors, spray about 16 cans of spray-foam into the voids in the hull for flotation and now I consider it seaworthy-enough.  I still have some issues with leaky auto-bailers, but I do not think that there is much other than to reinvent the wheel that I can do about that.

I also do not own a proper water-proof camera.

I do however own a old canon eos Rebel XT that is 8 mega pixel and kind of wonky anyway.  I was considering removing the IR filter to turn it into an astro-camera, but upon looking at what was involved, including a clean room I think that I may have to nix that idea.

I figured that as long as I toss it into a plastic bag to keep it from getting really-really wet it would be ok.  Party on…

So now I have some action shots from the boat!

Begin the album!

I refinished the mast, but I would not call my work art-quality, that and the mast takes a beating.

This cruise was brought to you by Hamms, and the land of sky blue waters.  This was also the first time that I have ever had beer on the boat.

Sailboats can leave a wake…

It was a nice day, consistent breeze right out of soup-town.

This boat has been laid up all year, which makes me ponder why.

This boat has also been laid up, although largely because it is 73 years old and got torpedoed in WWII.

Espree decided to join me today and run the tiller, she also brought the beer.

The wind was variable, but usually between about 10-20 mph…

There was a little spray, and I am pondering my ISO settings.

The water was nice, small waves in the harbor, we ended up cruising about 10 miles in about 2.5 hours.

This is what the wake looks like when you are really moving!  No I don’t have a motor!

A little spray, I was getting my butt wet!

Perfect day, although a touch moist…

14 feet of the waterline, gently making waves?

It is surprising how much water a boat throws off its prow.

That initial sheet then breaks up into droplets, which get caught by the wind, and make your clothing moist.

Just in case your wondering I love tormenting people who hate the word moist.

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