Broken stay ruins the whole day…

(Ok, actually main sheet hoist line, but that doesn’t rhyme)…

I was going to go out in the boat, had a good conversation with a DNR guy about letting the water out and pulling plugs, got the boat in the water, just got started pulling the sail up and SNAP!

The stupid rope from Menards snapped.  Now this rope is supposed to be 140 pound capacity and I was putting maybe 40 pounds on it.  The sail was still pulling up, I was not even to the point of adding tension to it.

I took the boat back out of the water, packed up, drove home, dropped off the boat, went to the LOCAL hardware store where they actually had 5/16th inch nylon braided rope that will not burn the hands pulling it up and will go through the pulleys smoothly.

Yes, Marshall Hardware, with your friendly hardware person, who was kinda cute to boot….

To hell with the chain stores, go and hit your local hardware store, pay a bit more, and get extra days of sailing because it is the right stuff, not just what you can make work out of what they have.

Since I was in a boat mood, and was already working on replacing one line I ended up shortening a few other lines that were just too long, replacing the rope on the trailer winch, replacing the pulley lines that I really haven’t figured out exactly how they are supposed to work, but I have been making do with.

I had to come in for dinner and when I go out I am going to reconfigure a few more lines and then set the boat up for tomorrow because it is…


Take your boat to work day tomorrow!

End drumroll…

I am going to set this bad ride up and make it work.  I want to spend as many afternoons on the water as I can  before fall catches up with us.

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