Take your boat to work day!

I had another one of those brilliant ideas that hit me from time to time, have no practical purpose, but seem to be fun all the same.
This hit me about the same time as the idea to go to a Marxist themed pub crawl as Marky-Marx of das Funky Comrades.
You may see a theme here…
Anywho, the idea I had was “Take your Boat to Work Day.”
Now for some people you may be able to actually take your boat from the marina and dock near home.  For people like me who have their boats on a convenient trailer, or people who can just toss the boat on top of the car it is even easier.
The thought is simple, take your boat to work.  When you get done with work (or sneak out early) run down to the nearest launch point and toss that puppy in the water!
Sail, paddle, motor if you have to, just float it.
You don’t have a boat?  Buy one, borrow one, see if some friends are willing to take you out in their boat.
Just get on the water.
I have found that water has a Zen effect on me.  The gentle slapping of the waves on the side of the boat as I glide quietly through the water.  This is a side effect of my two boats I currently own being a kayak (for sale) and a sailboat (which will likely be upgraded sometime in the future).
Water is a beautiful thing, and floating along on top of it is immensely relaxing.  Give it a try.
Just be courteous, I have a gripe about power boaters who do not take consideration of the fact that when you scream past a small boat you make waves that continue for a long distance.  The two foot wake you leave behind is not much of an issue out in the open lake, or even in the slightly more confined areas of the harbor, but when you are in a confined space such as a ship canal those waves reflect back and forth and can make things very hairy for those of us in small boats.  You have no idea how much a 14 foot boat careens wildly back and forth in the reflected waves in a canal unless you have been out there.
People who have less boat handling experience, (I was born on Park Point, we learned how to walk, row, and then finally ride a bike in that order) , would be seriously scared.
So hit the water, be considerate of those of around you, and enjoy the moment, you have no idea how many you are going to have left.  Take advantage of every one!
If you are wondering what I will be sailing, here it is…

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