Should support for Donald Trump be considered a sign of mental illness?

No really, I am being serious here.

If you think about it the general reason that people support asshats like Donald Trump (and his hair) is not because he has grandious ideas and educated arguments that appeal to the logical side of human insight.

It is because you are scared as hell of everything that goes bump in the night because it might be a Mexican, or it might be a terrorist, or it might be an ILLEGAL ALIEN MEXICAN TERRORIST HERE TO JUMP FENCES, STEAL JOBS, AND RAPE OUR CHASTE AND VIRGINAL WHITE WOMEN.

I am thinking that people who are actively supporting Donald Trump (for reasons other than the huge amount of humor that can be derived) are actually showing signs or paranoia and irrational thought.  Therefore, I am proposing that this should be a consideration for gun ownership.

Very simple, really.  Do you have any felonies, domestic abuse history, and support for Donald Trump?  Sorry, you can’t have a gun.

I may have to flesh this out and make a video, but not tonight.

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