Fear not, new posts are pending…

I have not forgotten about you, but I just ran about 150 pictures out of my camera and I am getting some galleries put together.

Then once the gallery is put together I have to compose a story.

Composing a story takes a while, I haven’t decided if I am going to continue on the old theme or jump on a new one for a while.  You may get the Mocha Mouse…

You will find out when it gets there, in the meantime I have to eat and then back to running the shots from Har Mar Superstar through Adobe…

Expect something tonight…

Nevermind, not likely tonight.  The photos are edited and uploaded.  The story is not done.  I have a solid start, but I cannot write all in one sitting.  I need to get out of the house for something other than work…..

As of midnight I have two dead characters, and only 14 photos left in the blog post, I am 80% done, but I have to work in the morning, just took some awesome aurora photos and I saw some eyes staring at me from the woods, alas I had a camera, not a bb rifle.  Goodnight.

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