Changing of the names…

I was thinking about it today, I have a domain name,, that I was going to rn another blog on, but I just don’t have the time to run two of these bad rides.  I am also working and still doing the roller derby nonsense.

So I am going to change the name of this blog to Just Went There, which does sort of fit with a lot of the content that I am posting.  Then I can continue to just run the one blog, I have everything all set up for this one already.  And the ads that have been popping up are actually getting relevant.

So anyway, sometime today  am going to sit down and get all of that nonsense figured out, I am hoping that it doesn’t invalidate any links people have saved, you should be able to get here both the old way and the new way.

But I will have an actual domain name that does not contain “blogspot” in it.

It will look all official and stuff.

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