Minecraft server is up, Minecraft itself is down…

Minecraft is having some issues today, which of course means I am getting a lot more done, well, kind of.  I am trying to put the planking on the bridge, the problem being that the self-tapping screws won self-tap.  Therefore I have to drill pilot holes for all of the screws and then line everything back up and struggle to get the screws to force their way into the holes.

I think I have explained before that you should not buy things from Menards, this is yet another example.

In one hour I have broken 2 drill bits and put down 2 boards.

I originally wanted to build the whole bridge out of wood, my brother had a brilliant idea, to make the frame all out of angle iron, which looks great, however it has been 3 years since the flood and now that the fun part is done I am stuck doing all of the tedious finishing work.

He does come by every once in a while, but only to tell me I am doing everything wrong.

Of course it isn’t wrong, and unlike before, it is actually getting done, and wrong will still trump not at all.


Maybe Minecraft is rolling out the 1.9 update, that would be cool.

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