Adventure time!

It has been a bit since I had a good adventure.  I guess that means it is time to go see what crawls under the rocks this time of year.

Side note, everyone wants me to be a sales rep for them, you do realize that I am an extreme minimalist?  How can I sell something that I wouldn’t buy?

But, anywho, my friend (and fellow blog contributor) Meagan is coming out and we are going to go for a hike, I am more geology, she is more biology, but we will see where this goes.  I may have to bring out some of my books on identifying freshwater invertebrates.

Yes, I have a 13 volume set on freshwater invertebrates in Eastern North America…

OK, anyway, I have to get myself prepared, throw a back back full of hiking supplies together.  Also get the right cameras prepared and make sure they are ready to record so I can show you what we find.

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