A quickie about Star Trek…

So I was mowing the lawn and thinking about the old Star Trek.  Nichel Nichols does not get enough credit for the doors that she opened in society by playing Uhura.  How many other strong black women were there on TV in 1967, oh yeah, none, or at least none who had as long lasting of an impact.

McCoy, he made you want to be a doctor, to learn about new diseases and try to solve the most difficult of problems with wit and sarcasm.

Scotty made you want to be an engineer, to learn everything you can about how a machine works.  To know it inside, outside, backwards and forwards.  To always be able to innovate and recombine to make things work when everything was broken.

Sulu, he made you want to be in the drivers seat, be a pilot, see the world.  Little did we know how huge he would get after Star Trek, and not on TV, not in the movies, but in real life.

Spock made you want to be a scientist, to know everything, and be able to logically think your way out of any jam that you find yourself in.

Captain James T. Kirk made me want to be a self-important douche, get drunk, and bang a chick with gange-green.

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