I said I was going to go on a nature walk

Not only that, I went on a walk with one of our other blog authors.  Ironically tonight I have go shoot photos for an event at the bequest of anther person who potentially may be joining us on the blog as well.

Yes the plan is coming together.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pretty pictures!

We hiked up along the Lester River in Duluth, starting from just above the falls and ending up at the top of the hill where the stream flattens out.

The first critter we saw was this stonefly larva, he was quite large!

The Lester River, much like many north shore streams are backwards.  Most streams start steep and then gradually flatten out until they eventually terminate.  The streams along the north shore start out flat and then finish up in a torrent down the steep hillsides along the shore of Lake Superior.

This was a curious construction that I had never noticed before, I am guessing there used to be a cabin that surrounded it, because there was no other reason to have a random fireplace in the woods.

The stream was not the normal pool and riffle, it was more riffle and waterfall.

We spent a lot of time looking into pools to see if there were any critters moving about.

It had been dry, but there was still a decent amount of water coming downstream, at least enough to keep us trapped on one side or the other.

There were a few molting crawfish a well, or molted crawfish.

Thee had been some larger wildlife in the area as well.

Along with some evidence of smaller critters as well.

Even a daddy-long legs can be an interesting find.

Fear not, we were not tired.

Towards the top was a little shelter someone had made, with a fire pit and inscriptions of wisdom.

I like this phrase, it should be used more.

I am guessing there was a lot of time and sharpies involved.


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