Hand held star shots!

Ok, I did a little tiny bit of processing because the sky isn’t completely dark, and you can get rid of a little bit of noise that way.

I am going to head out of town this weekend I think, and I am thinking of going somewhere I can do some photography as well, but here is what I shot in the driveway while being harassed by the cat.

I may come back later and try to identify what I was actually shooting, I know when the photos were taken, and what general direction I was aiming, especially with the last picture, because that looks more like a galaxy than the usual bokah you get with shooting a 28mm Vivitar lens at f2.8.

I can see a lot of stars from my driveway!

 These were all shot by setting the camera on the driveway and hitting the button, no really.

 You can see the Bokah fuzz in the stars around th edges, that is the main issue I have with shooting the 28mm lens.

The think is that object on the far right side, middle of the image, that wasn’t regular bokah fuzz.  It may be a galazxy, looks too small to be Andromeda, but it could be, I will have to look later and check where I was shooting.

It is about the right brightness to be Andromeda though, Stellarium will tell us more.

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