Duluth Soup!

 You should by default think that an event called the “Duluth Soup” will have soup. You would not be mistaken.

Soup, and presentations.  The presentations were for projects that where looking for funding.  The way that the concept works is that the money collected from the event, basically the door charge, all goes into a big pot.

 At the end of the presentations all of the people who have shown up to watch are allowed to vote.  The votes are tallied and the winner of the voting gets the money from the event.

 After everyone gets soup anyway.  There were about 150 people there, so the soup line took a little while to push its way around the floor.

 The Soup was held in the wonderful Clyde Iron building in the friendly west end.

 After the presentations and while everyone was eating, voting, and then getting everything tallied there was music to keep everyone entertained.

 The voting was being done on a ranked-choice system, also the people from the Rank your Vote campaign were on hand to tally the votes and explain to the crowd how ranked choice voting worked, and what the advantages of ranked choice voting are.

 Some of the crowd were suspicious of the soup…  OK, not really, Ezra usually looks at me like this.

 There were also art presentations by local artists around the venue.

 There were several musical acts performing, all of them were very nice listening.

 I decided to step out side and ran into one of the members of the Flow group outside.

 I enjoy moving light, and the activity that it shows.

 Upon my return the music was finishing up, the presentation of the award was about to happen.

 But first Kat had to bring up the winners of the last Soup event to report on how it had worked out for them.

 The soup had actually helped them with the hosting of several events at the Underground and at Sacred Heart church.

 It also brought up that I need to start taking notes when I am at events…

 There was also a raffle for a painting that was actually produced by Melissa Weissner during the music part, and a custom hulu hoop from the Flow group.

 The big winner was the Let it Grow group who got 700 dollars towards their efforts!

 They were very excited.

 Everyone was thanked and the music continued.

 The raffles still had to be given away, however.

But the most important thing is that a small local group got a large donation towards their efforts, that is the concept that a Soup works on.  You pay a nominal fee (five dollars) towards a soup diner, hear some presentations, see some music, and in the end someone walks away with a reward that could really change how much good they can do within the community.

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