Asteroid 2015 TB145 going to hit the Earth?


Well not this time around at least.  The thing is pretty large, but not as large as the miss distance.  2015 TB145 is about a quarter mile across, ~(460 meters), but it also has a miss distance of 1.3 LD, for those of you who are not good at these conversions that is around 325,000 miles.  That means that not only will it not hit he Earth, it will be outside the orbit of the moon as well, even under the most ideal approach it would still miss the moon by over 50,000 miles.

No matter what some clueless blog site may say, no threat to Earth, although who knows what the future may hold, and I am sure that there are a few significant rocks that we have yet to clear out of our path.

As of this passage this is not one of them and with a period of 3.08 yeas it will be 37 years before the orbits line up again.

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