Grad school?

After looking at the situation with the current economy and the minor depression in the industries I am most qualified for I have decided that I may just go for it and try for grad school.  Worst case scenario I get some great experience in the process.

Since I get to specialize further in grad school that I would be able to in regular college I am going to be narrowing down my interests in Climate Change research and looking for something specifically in that area.  I am very curious about the effects of iso-static rebound on sea-levels as a result of both ice loss and also sea-shore inundation, but that may be a little too narrow of a goal, although when you think about it the loss of ice on Greenland is going to add a lot of water volume and also as Greenland starts rebounding as the weight of ice is removed it will remove volume from the basin resulting in a double whammy of sea-level rise.

Add this to the same effect being seen in Antarctica and also that shallow sea-shore area will begin to sink as the water levels rise and you will start to see the whole nature of the problem.

Of course, there are a lot of variables that come up in this, you have to think about it on a holistic level.  You have to take into consideration the change in where the mass of water ends up (increasing the amount of water around the center of the Earth could slow the Earth’s rotation slightly, and alter the timing and magnitude of tides.

I guess there are enough variables in this area to make a thesis out of it.  And lots of modeling that could be done to look at how various variables effect outcomes.

I may have to look at the effects of melting ice on rotation rates later today, that may be an interesting place to start, and gives me an excuse to use Excel, something I am always looking for.

Hmmmm, so many things to consider.

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