Zen and the Art of Squirrel – Art

Squirrels are very artistic, they look at their environment and they create these beautiful nests in the trees out of sticks and twigs up in he branches.  On the first look it may look like an uncoordinated mess of sticks jammed together into a mass, but when you look closer you will realize that there is an art to it.
I like art, and I like how I feel when I make art.
If you think about it, even this composition is a form of art.  Everything that comes from your mind and gets expressed to try to make others feel better, or possibly disturbed, or change minds, can be art.
Art is a state of mind I think.
Art can be in the form of words, it could be paints, it could be a stack of rocks, it could be sound.  It could just be the sound of fingers drumming on a table in a rhythm.
Fidgeting could be art too.
I write, sometimes more quantity than quality, some of my writing is more along the lines of science.  I like to spitball ideas.  In the recent past I did a lot more with painting, now I do a lot more with photography.
I was putting photo albums online for people to peruse and I decided that photo captions were boring, especially when I was doing a series of photos that were ostensibly of the same general subjects, like twenty views of the nebula in Orion, or 35 views of a band on stage.  I could have captioned every image but you can only say “bass player” so many times before it gets dull.
I started writing stories with a few lines after every image, sort of a bonus for those who were there to look at the pictures.  Sometimes there would be a whole elaborate story wound between the pictures.
The art of making art also calms the squirrel.  I do end up starting a lot of projects and not finishing all of them, but it is the process as well that makes art.
Sometimes the process is fun too.
As if we need the reminder, depression hurts.  I know this and I am sure that you know it too.  You get this strange body pain that you can’t seem to nail down, and it turns out that the pain I just that you are down.
Art helps to bring the spirits up, while at the same time settling the squirrel down. You can be manic and attack a canvas, but when the initial blast is finished you stop, breathe and you look at what you have done.  You have to concentrate for more than a few seconds to determine where the next brush stroke belongs.

Theoretically art speaks for itself, and so I am going to cut this one short.  I will let the art speak, for when the art speaks I don’t have to.


  1. With Jazz music, and like art, the silence and empty space has an art all of its own. Those empty spaces are as important as the notes and brush strokes which surrounds them.Not entirely unlike people.


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