Zen and the Art of Squirrel – Travel

Travel is a good thing.  New places, new views, new things that I have never seen before.
I relax a lot when I travel from place to place.  I wish I could get out of town more than I do, and someday I really hope to up my total amount of travel up.  I have not been on an airplane in something like eight or nine years.
I did get to visit a few places when I was going to school.  I went to Michigan, Missouri, and Arizona to go visit some mines.  I went a few places that were mostly for roller derby travel, but largely that was not travel for travels sake.  I would get to look out the window at the places as I drove past, but for the most part there was no time to stop and enjoy a sunset.
I like enjoying a good sunset, or sunrise, although generally not on the same continuous drive, something that I have done on multiple occasions.
I want to go someplace where I can stop and smell the flowers.  Or maybe walk around and look to take some pictures of animals on the wild.  Look at some interesting roc formations.  Although I am ostensibly a hard rock guy, there is something poetic about sedimentary structures.
In the relatively near future I am going to try to make sure that I spend more time out in the wilds of the world.  Just myself and a camera, and either a notebook or a laptop, depending on how light I am traveling.
I would not mind taking a nice long summer road trip.  Drive a few hundred miles a day, depending on availability of funds and what there is to look at.
If you have a car that gets good gas mileage you can go a long way for a very small amount of money.  When you realize that at thirty miles per gallon you can go three thousand miles for two hundred and fifty bucks plus food, you suddenly wonder why you are sitting in one place when there are mountains only fifteen hours away.
I want to see Glacier National Park before it is a misnomer.  I love wandering around in Yellowstone.  I would like to camp in the Tetons.  I have never climbed any of the Cascades.  I have never seen the Olympic forest. 
I have yet to experience a hurricane or an earthquake.  I have never hiked up an active volcano, or even watched an eruption from a distance.
There are a lot of animals that I want to shoot pictures of in the wild.  I have shot pictures of the majestic moose and skittering squirrel, but there is nothing wrong with getting a few more shots.  But how about a big-horn sheep?  Maybe a grizzly or a polar bear. 
I have never seen a seal or a whale in the wild.
I do not currently have an underwater camera, but there is nothing that says I cannot get a waterproof housing in short order and get myself out in the water for some adventures if I end up somewhere near a reef.
I have never been outside of North America, and this is a shame.  I wish you could still take long trips across the ocean by boat as I sleep extremely well when I am on the water, especially when you can feel the boat rocking back and forth.  Those modern cruise liners where you are basically in a floating mall do not appeal to me.  A small boat churning through waves and tipping twenty degrees to each side on a good weather day, that appeals to me.
If you have never had to think as to whether or not you were going to sink you have not lived.
The desert South West has a lot of beautiful vistas.  I studied geology in school and I love to be someplace where I can actually look at the rocks and ponder what was going on to allow the assemblage of materials that I see in front of me.
The middle of the country is largely flat, but it also has a tendency to be a lot greener. 
I have yet to visit New England, although I have made quick trips through parts of the Mid-Atlantic States.  I really have no interest in ever going to New York City.  There are simply far too many people for me to feel comfortable.  I don’t even like going to malls, even a mall outside of the insane Christmas season is too full of people for my taste.
Beaches are often too populated for me, at least in tourist areas.  If it was a beach where I could walk for a while with my head down looking at the sand without risking running into someone I would be fine with it, but a beach full of people is not appealing.
I was hoping to go camping this weekend, unfortunately the plans fell through.  I still may end up going, or maybe just go some place near by where I can sleep in a tent and call it camping.
My standards of what it takes to define travel have changed over the years.
Soon, very soon I will venture out again.
Maybe some day I will turn this whole mess into a book and go on a book tour leaving days in between signings for adventure.
Maybe someday I will put together my coffee-table book of dive-bars and road kill.
Maybe I will accomplish none of it.
Tomorrow is another day, and the weekend awaits.

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