Lightsabers? What the hell?

There are a few things about lightsabers that simply don’t make any damn sense.

Since the new Star Wars film is coming out soon I decided that I would start bringing up some issues that have been bugging me.


If the Lightsaber is using light why does it only extend a limited distance?

If the Lightsaber is using light why does it seem to have heft?

If the Lightsaber is using light why does one Lightsaber interfere with another?

If the Lightsaber is so effective at deflecting, well, everything, why don’t they make shields with that technology.

What is the Lightsaber using as a power source?  When you destroy the handle why in’t there a small atomic explosion?

Why, if you have a light source with that much power does no one have eye protection?

If the Lightsaber is using light what happens if you swing at a mirror?

It seems when the Lightsaber is powered on that it has more mass than when it is powered off, where does this mass come from?

Ok, enough for now.


  1. I think the answer to all of your questions is The Force.Mildly related questions: When you shine a flashlight you can only see the light go for a limited distance. What happens to the light after that? Why is it no longer visible to us?


  2. That has more to do with the light being below detectable limits. It is not that the light isn't there anymore, you just cannot see it with all the rest of the background noise. This is similar to y argument that there could be other universes past the edge of our own, we just can't see them through all of the noise.


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