The Halloween Asteroid

I’m not generally worried about things like the Halloween Asteroid, because I find them completely beyond my control.

I find them terribly interesting, however, especially since this one is traveling so VERY fast, at nearly 22 miles per second.  This asteroid was discovered just a few weeks ago.  This means, in the pinball galaxy in which we live, we could have similar or faster traveling objects that we just won’t know about.

Imagine if we discovered something larger, faster, and aimed directly for us?  Would any local government disclose something like this, if we knew one was barreling down upon us?  What kinds of chaos would ensue? Would we immediately devolve into looting, riots, rapes and murders? Would people find religion or at very least, come to terms with the end of their specific existence?

Let’s say something larger, faster, and most destructive was slated to hit someplace like Wyoming, and effectively END everything on the North American continent, and with what wasn’t hit with ash, fallout, and sonic blasts, triggered massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions worldwide.

It would certainly seem like “Revelations” in the Bible.  Fire, Brimstone and such.

Of course, if anything could survive, it would be the insects.

I rather like insects, arthropods, spiders and similar exoskeleton creatures, most which haven’t had any advancements in evolution in millions of years because they’ve learned to harmonize, weaponize, and otherwise survive no matter what their environment does around them.  They’re so unlike humans, who need paved, flat roads, monstrous mansions, biological engineering, deforestation, and vast raping and pillaging of natural and unnatural resources.

I like ants because they colonize…  They perform specific functions for their survival. They hardly quarrel, even with other types of ants. One ant may not kill you, but their strength is in sheer numbers alone. We’ve all heard about the ants abilities to carry many times their own weight, and to be able to travel far distances.

Spiders especially fascinate me with their ability to create homes using their abdomen and thorax, while using the same as a weapon, to build webs, trap prey, and help distribute offspring.

I think I like scorpions the most because they favor the most inhospitable environments.  They can survive weeks and months without water in the most hot, arid areas. When it get’s too chilly, they simply hibernate.  Their weapons are a pointed tail and powerful forceps.

What does man have to protect themselves?  A brain.  We have rather fragile skin and bones, we generally don’t carry our weight, in either literal or figurative means. We can hardly agree on which 5 toppings to put on our pizza to make 10 people happy. We’re complex enough without attempting to communicate with each other, and attempting further feats usually require a unified common goal.

But here is an ethical question:  Do humans deserve to survive?

We’ve been able to send men to the moon and our refined electronic arms to other planets.  Could we really ‘nuke’ an asteroid?  If so, why aren’t we ‘testing’ our abilities on this new nearby visitor?

I’m looking forward to the fast moving projectile. I sincerely hope it has more like it.

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