Hoping for some clear skies tonight…

There is a good chance of some aurora action tonight, as of right now the skies are mostly clear and the sun is already on its way down.  Now I just am waiting for the solar wind speed to make its big jump.  I am predicting that the speed jump, which may be jumping from its current ~350km/sec to as much as 800km/sec will be preceded by a jump in proton density.  Currently the proton density is running in the range of 5-10 protons per cm squared.

As of right now there is not a solar storm in process, but I am keeping an eye on the spaceweather, and an eye on the sky.  The camera is all charged up and it will be ready to roll in a minimum amount of time.

I will also be updating the blog if anything changes.

As of 5:30pm Central time the density had boomed to 80 protons/cm^2 an increase of an order of magnitude.  The speed of the solar wind has also increased to a bit over 400 km/sec.  This is a good sign for some visible auroras!

As of 7:15 PM, I am still waiting for the wind to really kick up.  The density is still elevated, but the wind speed is still hovering around 350 km/sec.  The magnetic field has tipped south however, which does increase the odds of a display.  I also have to go check the clouds, it was getting a bit thick earlier.

Well, it is 11 PM and I am almost ready for bed, the sky is looking a touch green on the horizon but still nothing crazy impressive to report. Maybe it will be clear if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night

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