October is the worst, but not as bad as the server at work

October is the worst of the months.  The sun keeps rising later and later and setting earlier and earlier.  By the end of the month the sun does not rise until after I go to work, which makes getting up a difficult thing to accomplish.
I think I would like hibernation.
Thankfully Daylight Savings Time comes to a violent end at the end of the month.
In November the days are still getting shorter, but not as rapidly.  The result of this is that although the sun rises later every morning, and sets earlier every night the change is not as drastic.
The change of the clocks is a wonderful thing though.  Suddenly instead of waking up an hour and a half before the sun peeks above the horizon I am rising with the sun again.  By December 21st the days will have gotten shorter again and I will have to deal with the sun going down at a ridiculously early hour every day, but theoretically there will be snow.
The snow reflects a much greater amount of the limited amount of light will we have and make it feel brighter even if the sun is not nearly as high or as persistent.
Snow makes the world seem brighter.
I blame albedo.
I think there should be a study on the level of education that someone has compared to the number of words they use that bother spell check.
I spent yesterday emailing back and forth about the asbestaform qualities of grunerite, or lack thereof.  I thought spell check was going to have a stroke.
Right now I am sitting here waiting for it to decide that it needs to dump some snow on us.  I could go for snow, I have to admit that I really like driving in it.
I’m weird, I know.  It is the nature of the beast I guess.
Well, it looks like the network where we have our work system hosted has detonated again, I will work on this for a bit as I cannot even log in to do anything else.  Thankfully since I pilfered the large monitor from the desk of a former employee I can now monitor my log in, the help system, and work on this at the same time.
It looks to me like the DNS server on their end has shat thy bed.  I am guessing that if they looked at the system load they would find there are massive temporary files floating around in memory (waiting to never make it to disk where they could be retrieved and parsed) but if they traced which process was creating the temp file it would lead them to where the problem is in the system.
One way or another the work system will not let me log in to it at all.  Or maybe it is obscenely slow.  One way or another it is not working.
OK, it worked well enough (barely) to get my work done.
When I say barely I think it took twenty minutes to log in and then it kicked me out fifteen minutes later.
BREAK!  Add 24 hours in here….
I have no idea what is going on with the server at work.  It was crap yesterday, crap the day before, today it worked fine.


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