Debunking the #PrayForWorld bullshit meme

I ran into this meme on Facecrack earlier.

On Friday the 13th of Nvember 2015

In one day

Paris – Suicide attacks
Japan – Earthquake
Baghdad – Funeral bombing
Beirut – Suicide Bombing
Mexico – Earthquake

24 hours and we lost 115200 heartbeats…

Ok, lets start looking at these events

Paris – Suicide attacks (horrible event, and also teh only one not overblown)
129 killed
Japan Earthquake – Off shore, no damage
0 killed
Baghdad Funeral Bombing
19 killed
Beirut – Suicide bombimg
43 killed
Mexico Earhquake
Very small, no damage
0 killed

Ok, we have a slight miscommunicatio here, you say 115,200 heartbeats and I am only seeing 191 deaths….

I was thinking that maybe you meant the total number of heartbeats lost but a human heart at 60 bpm beats 86400 times a day.

I have no idea where they got these numbers.

OK, but lets look at the reality of death in the world. 150,000 people die every day, day in, day out.  135,000 of these are because they are old.

Terrorism is horrible, but get over it.  If we were not so horribly effected by terrorism it would no longer be an effective means to attack us.

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