My new Terrorism Rant

I am not a big fan of terrorism.  I do not think it is an effective way to get a message out and it is just causing fear for the purpose of inciting fear.  I also think that our current political and news cycle is what makes it so effective as a weapon.

With every attack terrorism is thrown up into our faces as part of the 24 hour news cycle with “live on the ground reports” and “instant news” from around the world telling us every gory detail and inciting as much fear of the people inciting the terrorism as possible.

This is, or course, exactly what the terrorists want.  If we could just shut the news off an ignore it then the terrorism would not be effective.  Because we blow it completely out of proportion and make EVERYONE AFRAID that this will be coming TO YOUR TOWN NEXT it does exactly what the terrorists want.

The purpose of terrorism is by definition to incite a feeling of fear into a population.  This is why you cannot have a war of terrorism, it simply cannot work.  You are fighting a concept.  The reason that terrorism works is that it makes people think that “this can happen anywhere, at any time and we should always be on edge”.

I am not afraid.

No matter how many times our leaders try to tell us that we should always be vigilant and that we should always take care I realize that there are many thing far more likely to kill me than terrorism.


Bathtubs kill more people in the US than terrorism.

Worldwide Heart disease kills more people that terrorism, by a HUGE margin.

Where is our war on butter?

If you look at the figures terrorism is not in the top ten.

If we would just learn to ignore terrorism than we could ruin its effectiveness as a weapon.  Quietly go about the business of hunting the perpetrators down like rabid dogs and go about our business.

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