10.0 Earthquake, our first horrible movie.

Just to give you a preview of the horror, here is a preview!

I was looking for more from this movie but apparently google does not want to admit it exists.

Starting with the playing of Jenga is the first inaccuracy of the movie.  The Jenga game is interrupted by vertical shaking in the room.  Of course everyone knows that vertical shaking is caused by S-waves and not the P-waves which are the first to arrive.

The amount of ground deformation shown in the first scene would be indicative of about a magnitude 7+ earthquake.

The fracking outfit punctured the crust, that is only inaccurate by an order of magnitude or two, maybe two and a half.

Ok, geologists crunching numbers on paper?  Get real, we do all of our crunching in Excel or similar program.

You can’t tell if it is a pre-shock or an after-shock until later.  Tis the nature of earthquakes.

USGS jobs are actually really good jobs, and they do a lot more than just sit around waiting for earthquakes.

Um, 300 sensors do not output onto paper.  They all go to computer, did the guys who wrote this movie do any homework?

The nature of earthquakes is that you feel them across a wide area.  You do not get isolated events.

Especially magnitude 7 events that you can’t feel away from the immediate area.

To get even worse they are talking about magnitude 2.1 events.  A magnitude 2.1 event has shaking measured in micrometers.  Micrometers are not visible.

The shaking trees completely disobeyed the laws of physics, you would need to have events at a specific angle and also with a frequency matching the resonate frequency of the trees,  also all the trees would have to ave the same resonate frequency as one another to all be effected as shown.

Actually being underground is safer because the whole earth shakes together.

You don’t get tiny localized earthquakes.

OK the 10.0 earthquake just got mentioned.  Earthquakes are measured on a logarithmic scale, 10.0 is a level that cannot happen due to the limitations of the strength of rock.  The energy that it took to get a 9.5 earthquake, Chile 1960, was the breaking of hundreds of miles of strike slip fault and there were several minutes of shaking.

Ok, insects can detect earthquake signs.  That part is the truth.

If you have a disaster and an employee is killed the operation stops, there is no, oh well, carry on, it will be ok to ignore this.

The wife in the kitchen goes to a doorway, that is the correct thing to do.

Sinkholes have to have something to sink into.  You cannot sink into the solid ground, just like you cannot have cracks open up unless the cracks have something to open up along.  You need ground deformation to cause things like that.

The stupid scenes in this movie are so predictable it is embarrassing.

Once again, sinkholes need something to sink into.

Oh yeah, windshields don’t break like that.  Windshields in cars have a layer of plastic in them so that they do not break apart and spray all over the car.

Ok, the falling car was a good shot, the way they balanced it was absurd.  The act of getting out of the car wold have caused it to tip over the edge.

Oh for fucks sake, USGS has proper lines of communication.

Power failures wont effect laptops.

Ok, the ranger station would be on the road, ranger’s drive too.

Rock does not break like that.  You do not get little pieces popping out of non-existent pores like dust shooting out of an orange and then the whole things collapses.

Dogs do align themselves with the earths magnetic fields.  That was correct.

Going deeper does not get you more oil.  Oil gets stuck in traps as it floats.  Also the temperature gradient for the Earth is about 25 degrees C per kilometer.  The shallow well was at 20 km, which would put the temperature at 500 degrees C, the lower well was at 35, which would have been 875 degrees C.  At neither of these depths can oil exist, it will all breakdown into methane, or even further into hydrogen and carbon.

As a matter of comparison, Deepwater Horizon went down 7km, and that is about as deep as anyone has tried.

The Kola deep hole was about 8km, this is abot as deep as you can go because the drills do not work once you get down that deep as the rock is too hot and the drills overheat.

Oil shale at 35 miles?  Nope, can’t do it.  That is into the range of metamorphic rock.

Battery charging with body heat?  No.  You can enhance an existing charge as a warm battery hold more charge than a cold battery, but for fucks sake, no.

Derrick deserves to die, I feel nothing.

Ok, saving LA isn’t a good cause.

Fracking does not really work that way.

OK, the geeky kid with the fault joke, he could make a good geologist.

Ball valves don’t snap shut.  That is why you use ball valves.

Nice roll out of the tunnel, that was dramatic.

The tower falling would not cause an explosion.

This movie had only one redeeming quality, and it wasn’t even the cave with the paper mache stalactites moving around independently of the cave ceiling in a dry cave complex where they could not form.

It was the dog arranging itself to poop.

That was the sole redeeming quality of the whole movie.


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