A Trip to the Moon (1902)

Well, I was looking for a movie where I could rave about everything they got right but I was not going to take the time to watch 2001 a Space Odyssey.  I instead decided to watch the 1902 classic A Trip to the Moon, the restored and recolorized edition.

What did they get right?  
The Earth has a moon.  And Bureaucracy is a big part of human society.
What did they get wrong?
Almost everything.
The launch showed them getting launched out of a cannon, this would have involved the “cannon people” being accelerated to about 25 km/sec in about ONE SECOND.  The G forces on that amount of acceleration would have turned the steel bullet into the cannon into a molten slug, if not a vaporized slug.  I am guessing the humans would not have survived.
Even if they survived the initial acceleration the brief passage through the atmosphere at that speed would have vaporized them, why do you think it is rare that meteorites make it to the surface?
Once they made it to the moon they hit the man in the moon in the eye and then drastically changed scale and all piled out so they could look at the plants on the airless, cold, and hostile to all life moon.
After getting chased off by some natives they simply fell back to the Earth, like, they fell straight down and ended up landing on Earth.  I am sure that the Newtonian laws of physics (which are good enough for non-nano-scale objects not moving near the speed of light) would have some disagreement with that maneuver being pulled off.
If you don’t believe me, try it in Kerbal Space Program.
OK, anyway, it was a quick and enjoyable movie, just ridiculous bastardization of science.

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