Zen and the Art of Squirrel, on updates, hibernation, and relations.

The squirrel has been content lately, I am guessing this has to do with the violent change of the season being largely finished and now settling into a busy time at work and avoiding the chaos of the malls for the umpteenth year in a row.
I may have to actually approach a mall this year, or as I affectionately refer to them, mauls.  I hate shopping, I really don’t need more stuff, and I have plenty.  I would much rather keep the amount of stuff I have to a nice low pile of stuff.  Right now that pile is a little more than I would normally have, but most of it is extemporaneous and I could leave it or store it if need be.
I have been researching new jobs and opportunities out in the world, unfortunately when I am not in an extremely manic state I have issues with change.  I like the comfortable stasis that I am at.  I can change small things in a gradual sense and I am fine with how that works.  I evolve much like a glacier in this sense.  It is who I am, change is hard.
Speaking of changes, ended up in a relationship, it is odd, and I was comfortable in my curmudgeonship up until this point.  It is nice to have someone who has interests in science and cuddling though.  We make each other happy, I am thinking that is really all that matters.
It is approaching winter, and winter is the time for hibernation.  I do not hibernate in the sleep all day, sleep all night sense that people assume for hibernation.  I just spend more time inside in my nice warm basement.  This keeps me in proximity to the fireplace which needs tending on a regular basis, and it also puts me in proximity to my computer which allows me to listen to Pandora and paint.
I like to paint.  I am reasonably good at it.  I think that I could do a lot more with it if I took the time, and someday I think I will actually start taking the time to do so.  My pictures look a little bit like what you would expect out of Bob Ross, and I still have a Bob Ross tee-shirt around here somewhere that an old girlfriend gave to me.  The difference is that my pictures are of actual places and objects.  I use my photography to give me subjects that I can study and then spread some paint in the general sense of as I flitter from task to task through my day.
This last week has been bad for getting things like this done.  There has been car fixing, and cuddling.  I have also been stuck at work an inordinate amount of time for what I have to do, but now I have a four day weekend.  Tomorrow it is free state park day so I am thinking I am going to wander up the shore to see what I can see.
There will be a camera involved, which speaking of which I think I am still about 20 photo albums behind for the year.
I also have to make a serious attempt to put al of the Zen and the Art of Squirrel articles that are more than just random gibberish like this one into something that looks like it could be a book.
Then I start editing.
After that I will do something I love to call “I edited it” just because the word edit shows up twice and I like patterns.
Someday there will be a book, hopefully.  Then there may be another book after that.  If I had more freedom to travel and work I would love to go places just long enough to write a book.  Get a job where a one or two year appointment would be completely acceptable and then do so.  While I am at it, write.  Write prolifically.  Be everything I can be.

Keep the squirrels happy.  They have been happy as of late, not the too happy that makes for uncomfortable moments and bad days coming down the pipe, just the normal mild happy that does not have a flip to it.  I would love to stay here, it is a comfortable place. 

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