Since I have a free weekend, doing Astronomy!

I made an attempt to view Comet Catalina in the morning sky this morning.  It was cold, it was windy, I was tired and I missed my target.

Alas, at least I figured out what I was doing wrong and made plans to fix the problems by triangulating between a couple of bright objects, along with using a wider lens next time.

I think the Sigma 70-210mm f3.9 manal lens is pretty close to ideal for what I am doing, the manual focus is pretty damn nice and it takes nice pictures, but I just have to start a bit wider on the focus unless I verify that I am seeing what I think I am seeing, which is really damn hard when you are still recovering from the night before trying to take pictures on a windy morning in the 10-15 degree weather along the shore of Lake Superior.

I give myself credit for making it out there, but a fail for missing my designated target.

Oh well, I may try to shoot a few things tonight since I have the whole thing setup.  Maybe try for some nice, dim, hard to see things.  Before I go to bed and set the alarm for two hours before sunrise.

If I ever get myself out in the world and stable I may have to build myself an observatory.  Just sayin.

Here is a picture anyway…

By my estimation my target is one frame above this.

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