Week from hell, now the weekend…

It was a week from hell.  We had a few specials that stacked up and killed us on the floor.  Things were not working the way they were supposed to and it all went to shit.

The week is now done, I am relaxing again.

Tonight there will be Mongolian Beef!

Ebay auctions are up, although they are not moving very fast, I will have to see what else I have that I can get rid of because I am once again sick of having extemporaneous stuff.

Paintings are getting painted, eventually the Christmas presents will be complete.

I need a weekend to relax from last weekend plus the last week.

I also need to get writing again, like writing for real.  Maybe I should check out this Snooty Fox thing tomorrow, tea sounds good.  That and when I am not at home I can get stuff done on the creative end that I cannot accomplish when I am sitting at home.

Our winter is still a pathetic winter, and it does not appear that the situation is going to be changing any time soon.  If we ever do get any snow I want to go out and have some adventures, maybe take the GoPro out for a party.

Speaking of which, it is time for the chicken dance….

You will all understand what that is about in a few hours.

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