Zen and the art of paint thinner…

I am not talking about huffing it, or drinking the shit.  But when you are doing oil paintings you go through a lot of paint thinner.

Paint thinner is cheap, but getting more involves going to the store, something which I loath.

The only logical solution is to get as much use out of my thinner as I can, the way I have figured out to do this is so butt simple I have no idea why I never thought of it before.

All I do is that I clean my brush in one jar, then pour the soiled thinner into a settling container where it can sit for a couple of days, after a few days of settling I pour the settled thinner back into the original container, it is all clean again and the paint I was cleaning off of the brushes is all settled into the bottom of the settling container.

When  that one gets too gunked up all I have to do is leave a little solvent in there and toss it into the fireplace.


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