Scientist Alarmed by Common Cold Symptoms

DULUTH, MN- Waking up with a slight headache, local biologist Meagan Aliff immediately feared the worst. “I am not sure what’s going on,” she said, reaching for a tissue. Reporting a lack of energy and a sore throat, Aliff struggled through the work day, possibly infecting nearby coworkers. “I just can’t understand how I am feeling like this. How does this happen?” Aliff asked, adding that she “felt perfectly fine yesterday.” As the day went on the symptoms became worse, increasing the sense of alarm. “I just have no idea what causes something like this.” Adding another layer of  suspicion to the events Aliff noted that her boyfriend experienced similar symptoms just days before. “Do you think someone is targeting us?” Aliff reportedly asked bystanders before falling asleep at her desk.

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