Thoughts on trains

So as it turns out my family has had a checkered history with trains. It seems that they have had a hell of a time getting out of the way.

Some of this had to do with the train crossing that just happened to be in the church driveway.  It seems that since salvation was far more important than self preservation even in the worst blizzards church was still a necessity.

As a result on two separate occasions family members were killed by trains on the same crossing.

You think they would have figured it out the first time, I guess not.

The third occasion was during ww2 and the family moving out to California.  There was no snow involved, the truck sralled trying to get across the crossing, and I am guessing there was some of that German impatience involved.

Anyway, once again car plus train. And the car lost.

This is not the actual order in which these occurrences actually occurred, but it is the order in which I am mentioning them.  At some point I should go through and figure out the actual order and check to see if there are other incidences that were not fatal. Meh…

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